Friday, 17 June 2011

Project 3

Front View
(Victoria Street)

1:100 model
back view face to city

skylight is located on the top of Art Gallery

1:50 Sectional Model
This model shows the circulation inside the Gallery space and how House 1 works as a mixed use space

Kitchen and Dining Room with city view
Maximize the city view and get more sunlight from the window facade

Gallery space
The void space can input more sunlight and the large wall space can allow more painting to show on.

White heavy cured front wall attracts pedestrians to enter the gallery
No Window on the front wall for keeping warm and reduce heat loss reasons

House 2 Living, Dining and Kitchen
Stairs and window can involve more sunlight into a closed space since there are two to three levels neighboring building and it's shadow will cover the site.

House 2 Bedroom

House 1 Bedroom Private space

Ground Floor Entry Level

Second Floor to Third Floor

Roof  Plan 



Long Section

Short Section

Front Elevation (Victoria Street)
Back Elevation

Site Plan 1:500