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I have chosen Angela Merkel as my client.
The following images show the place at Rhine River valley, Nahe Valley and Altmuehl Valley in Germany.



Revolutionary women: Helen Keller

"Strike against war, for without you no battles can be fought!" Here we look at the life of Helen Keller as part of our series on revolutionary women in history
Many people have heard of Helen Keller, the blind and deaf woman who learned to talk when her friends wrote sign language on her hands.
Films have been made about her and Christian charities all over the world claim her as their own.
But no-one mentions a key fact about Helen Keller: she was a communist who fought for workers’ revolution.
Well-known for her extraordinary strength in the face of her dual disability, Helen Keller began to attract criticism when her socialist views became known.
In her 1912 essay How I became a socialist, she told how she first came across anticapitalist ideas by reading books, socialist newspapers and the programme of the mass socialist party in Germany. Aware of this, the millionaire newspaper Brooklyn eagle launched a patronising attack on her, claiming her “mistakes spring out of the manifest limitations of her development.”
She replied with cold fury: “Oh, ridiculous Brooklyn Eagle! What an ungallant bird it is! Socially blind and deaf, it defends an intolerable system... The Eagle and I are at war.”
In 1913, campaigning for votes for women, Helen Keller was quick to point out that passive pleading would get nowhere and that the fight for women’s suffrage is a class battle, and added: “Nearly all the opportunities, educational and political, that woman has acquired have been gained by a march of conquest with a skirmish at every post.”
Within two years class war had transformed into imperialist war as Europe descended into fratricidal slaughter. Helen Keller was appalled at the shameful support the leaders of the official socialist parties gave to the war. Alongside the left wing of the movement, she called for active opposition from workers, to turn the war of brother against brother into a war of the whole working class against capitalism:
“Strike against all ordinances and laws and institutions that continue the slaughter of peace and the butcheries of war. Strike against war, for without you no battles can be fought. Strike against manufacturing shrapnel and gas bombs and all other tools of murder. Strike against preparedness that means death and misery to millions of human being. Be not dumb, obedient slaves in an army of destruction. Be heroes in an army of construction.”

Angela Merkel has more power than any leader on the continent, says Time Magazine

January 11, 2010

The latest issue of Time Magazine features her on their cover, naming her "Frau Europa". The cover story calls Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel "a trailblazer and the unchallenged leader of Europe's largest economy", and poses the question, "How should her country use its power?"

Diminutive in the imposing vastness of her office, Angela Merkel appears surprisingly frail for someone who's spent the past 20 years upending political norms. Now 55, Merkel, Germany's first Chancellor raised in the communist East, is the head of a democratic form of government and the guardian of individual freedoms that she was denied until her 30s.

She outsmarted phalanxes of gray-haired, gray-suited machine politicians to set two other precedents, becoming the first woman to occupy the Chancellery as well as its youngest incumbent. Then in September, after four tricky years helming a coalition that yoked her conservative Christian Democrat bloc with the Social Democratic Party, she won a new mandate, with center-right coalition partners of her choosing. Now, as the emboldened leader of Europe's most populous nation and most powerful economy, Merkel has the ability to make her personality and priorities count on a global stage. But what, exactly, does she want to do with her power? And how will she go about doing it?
Merkel has spent decades being underestimated. There are still plenty of observers of the German political scene who regard her myriad achievements as flukes. "Merkel has never given a speech that stayed in the memory," wrote her most recent biographer. She can indeed seem reserved and self-effacing at times, but there should be little doubt that she has confidence and ambition aplenty. "You could certainly say that I've never underestimated myself," she says with a smile that in another context could only be described as kittenish. "There's nothing wrong with being ambitious."
The daughter of a Protestant pastor who settled in the East German state of Brandenburg, Merkel excelled at math and science and originally pursued a career as a physicist. But growing up where she did, she discovered early on that there were limits to what she would be permitted to do. "In East Germany," she says, "we always ran into boundaries before we were able to discover our own personal boundaries."
Paradoxically, Merkel's life under communism may have helped when it came to starting a political career as the Iron Curtain began to crumble. She knew how to navigate around blockages and when to keep a low profile. Her rise to prominence went all but unnoticed, except by the rivals she deftly derailed along the way. Elected to the first parliament of the reunited Germany, she was appointed a Cabinet minister by Chancellor Helmut Kohl just one year later. He called her das M├Ądchen, "the girl." She was used to sexism. "There was no real equality in the German Democratic Republic," she says. "There were no female industrialists or members of the politburo." So she smiled her feline smile and made no protest but quickly distanced herself from her patronizing patron once he became entangled in a party finance scandal., [accessed 15th June, 2010]

Miranda Kerr

Although Miranda Kerr appears gentle and sympathetic toward others (as explained in the previous chapter), she is also a "warrior". Kerr sometimes feels torn between these two facets of her character: the sensitive, tenderhearted, home-loving side, and the assertive, competitive, risk-taking side. People who first meet Miranda Kerr often think that she is a "softy", but later find out that she is strong willed and pursues her goals aggressively.
She is a person who thrives on challenge, and she often feels that she must battle her way through life, relying on no one and nothing but her own strength, intelligence and courage. Miranda Kerr believes in being totally honest, true to herself and her own vision and convictions, even if it means standing alone. Honesty, integrity, personal honor and authenticity are Kerr's gods, and she has no sympathy for weakness of character in others.
Miranda Kerr craves the freedom to do things in her own way, and she works very well independently. Cooperating with others or carrying out another's will is not her style. Miranda likes to be the chief - or to go it alone.
Miranda Kerr loves action and if others are settling down into a nice, comfortable little rut, then she is always ready to stir things up, do something new, make changes and introduce some fresh blood. Routine and sameness are tantamount to death for her. She is not afraid of trying something that has never been done before, and even though she may sometimes be perceived as a fool, Miranda Kerr also discovers, invents and initiates things that others will later emulate. Taking risks and following her own star are the breath of life for Kerr, and she wilts (or gets very frustrated and angry) if she cannot do this.
She is spontaneous, impulsive, direct, enthusiastic and assertive. Miranda Kerr believes in the power of positive thinking and positive action, and she perceives herself as a strong, even invincible, person. Miranda Kerr hates being ill or in a position of dependency. Accepting her own human limitations and emotional needs is often difficult for her.
She is basically aggressive in her attitudes and less adept at relating to others, picking up on subtle messages and nuances, listening, nurturing and harmonizing. She is often so fired up about her own projects or goals that she inadvertently runs over or ignores other people's feelings and interests. Being receptive and appreciative of others' contributions, ideas and feelings would be highly instrumental in improving Kerr's relationships. Her impatience to get on with things causes Miranda Kerr to be rather insensitive, thereby alienating others unnecessarily. She also frequently tries to accomplish her goals through anger or temper tantrums. Miranda Kerr would gain much by learning to slow down, relax and sometimes just let things be, however her energetic, restless nature rarely allows Miranda Kerr to do so.
Kerr is very attracted to world travel, foreign cultures and studies that expand her intellectual horizons and broaden her understanding of the world.
Miranda Kerr is philosophically inclined and concerned with seeking answers to the big questions of life or getting an overall picture of any situation. Abstract concepts and/or plans for the future occupy her mind much of the time., [accessed 15th June, 2010].

Own Word

The different characters of Helen Keller, Angela Merkel and Miranda Kerrr are empowered by the society. Revolutionary women is good at communication. Three of them have played as a socialist. They are strengthen, strong willed and pursues their goals aggressively. They called for active opposition from different levels of people among females.  At the same time, they even perform better then male as Angela said, women with power can also carry men’s work, “were no female industrialists or members of the politburo” is the sentence that Angela announced. Under a smiling face, women and lady have a strong and ambitious heart. 

Their outstanding performance has awarded then power with society authentication. "we always ran into boundaries before we were able to discover our own personal boundaries.” They thrives on challenge, meanwhile, revels their strength, intelligence and courage.  Always do something new although it takes risk, Miranda will always discover fresh blood and make new changes. Their differences had gained the expectation from public in order represent females for any interpretation. The rules often applied without time restriction such as campaigning for votes for women. Helen stated that the fight for women’s suffrage is a class battle.  


Sunday, 2 May 2010

Environment in Sandbox

The final design

Description which has italic are linked to the ElectroLiquid Aggreggation quote.

While you have arrived the island, you will first see the landform as a meeting place.

A group of enthusiast on Science come to such nice natural place to exchange their great mind and ideas.

Texture are related to the personalities of Nicole Kuepper and Charles Darwin. 
For example, the stripped lines are just like the solar board in order to obtain the solar power for the electricity.

The ramp goes down to landform with lighting effect.
A distinctive way to go downstairs from laboratories no matter for an exhibition or having a talk.

(A Day time view)

The above image shows the landform with a half cover. The landform locates between the two laboratories.

(Because of the computer problems, the textures that I have imported in sandbox may be slightly different from the original.)
The 3 textures that I have been used on the model.

This texture is for the laboratory of Nicole Kuepper just like the solar power board.

This kind of texture just like some idea come up together, therefore, I have chosen as a texture beside the wall of landform.

 Link to Google Warehouse

Download the object and level files

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Image captures

Work in progress

Before the following pictures, I have tried to have different form of landscape in order to place the buildings in a better location. 
By the way, it is hard to control a new software that I have never use it before.

Import the model in sandbox

For both laboratories location, I think the best choice is near the shore.

For the upper part, it is more convenient for Nicole Kuepper to gain the solar energy for a higher level almost on the top of the hill. 

For the lower part along the ramp, it assumes that there are more species in the centreof the isalnd and for the purpose of land investigation. More importantly, it is concenience for Charles Darwin back from his voyage.

attempt on adding light effect at night

create a new landscape with plants

this image simply explain my design


I have tried to link the textures to the need of clients ( Charles Darwin and Nicole Kuepper).
For example, the organic forms represents Charles Darwin.