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Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Download the filefront file with levels and objects file

Download the crysis war file

Key to control the elevator

Angela Merkel
 Go to meeting place "p"
 Back to office"o"

Helen Keller
 Go to meeting place "l"
 Back to office "k"

Meeting place
 After riding the elevators go to another one before the meeting place "n"
 Back to both elevators to go back "b"

Marking sheet

These are from other class students marking sheets.

Final Submission

Full view
The above image shows how to operate the elevators, please click it to view the full size.

Helen Keller Office-The Bridge-Angela Merkel Office

And Meeting Place with Dining Table

Helen's office

Helen's office contains a brown layer glass wall which can't be seen through from outside unless from inside looking out.
Helen office in night time
 with the great entrance
from the bridge looking toward to Helen's office

Angela's office
Angela's office view from the left hand side.  An attempt to present the idea of power.

Helen's office has round and square column with handrails in oder to assit them in daily lives.

View from Helen's office to bridge

 meeting place

Dining table to present idea of power. Th spiral pattern texture represent they are the centre of people mind, it implied their behaviours influenced others effectively.

runnway before the meeting place to emphasis the sanctity of meeting place. The runnmay got another function for placing tables holding events. Beyond that, below image show an elevator that can move forward before the stairs, therefore Helen and Angela can have a significant way to attain the meeting.

Developed model

The organic shape of bridge likes a triangle representing the power on the vertex point

 I think the entrance of  Helen Merkel's office is quite successful on showing the power .





This is Helen Keller's elevator with handrails in order to help them move easily in daily lives.

This is Angela Merkel's elevator with an imaginable shape representing the newest information she always received. Thus, she usually needs to analysis the newest information and then action immediately.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Bridge in the night time

Close Shots

Experiment and the bridge

experiment on testing elevators

 inspired by the motorway bridge, the Braunsbach Kocher Valley Bridge in Germany

with a certain high columns supporting the bridge

Sunday, 13 June 2010


The texture that I have chosen