Monday, 22 March 2010

18 Section Sketch Sections and 2 draft models

18 Section Sketch Sections

1st Sketchup model

Attempt to develop a round exhibition place

The below pictures are my draft before I have drawn the 3D sketchup models

Experiments on Sketchup

To examine different layors of roof with curved lines

2nd draft Sketchup model

The experiment of using different textures with a planting area in gallery spaces in oreder to input some light from the void space

Monday, 15 March 2010

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Post Three Images and showing a work of art from each of the clients


This painting used the characters from a famous painting called 'Happy birthday'. It expressed the desire of a couple through their behaviours. It could be seen that they emphasised money and materialism,  rather than something are much more valuable for example love, relationship and experience. The two planets which represent they have gone to the opposite direction even they have been togather before.


A man living in city

It is a symbolic of power and authority. It also presented the lifestyle of people who lived in city. The curved hair  is liked the fate hair that the lawyers wear on the court. Golden color represents money but from different angles, it gives me a feeling like decayed, rotten, corruption, unrealistic and can't last longer anymore.

Wall Light
Made of Polypropylene
Aim to present a theme or feature of Australian lanscape, nature, history or culture

This design combined in varied colour and little pieces. The structrure isn't in freestyle and it was according to the shape of plate coral which also representing Australia is surrounded by the ocean.

the young family
Patricia Piccinni: old, elderly, sarcastic, sophisticate, contrast
the first one now
Ricky swallow: creepy, climbed, desperated,death, exhausted
the winged house
Goodwin: silence, softness,  space, openned, dimension, freedom